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Royal Delft

Although  it  is  not  exactly  sure  when  the  first  factories  were  started,  it  is  known  that  as early  as  in  the  second  half  of  the  16th century,  there  were  factories  in  Amsterdam, Haarlem and Middelburg that  produced multicoloured (or polychrome) earthenware. Dutch potters learnt this trade from their Italian colleagues. It was presumably not until the end of the 16th century that the first pottery was founded in Delft. After that, the number of factories rapidly increased. Firstly because Dutch seamen caught several cargos containing Chinese porcelain and introduced it to the Dutch. Secondly, and most importantly, because tradesmen  with  the  Dutch  East  India  Company  (founded  in  1602)  brought  back  large quantities  of  Chinese  porcelain  from  the  Far  East.  This  type  of  porcelain,  which  was decorated  in  blue  on  a  white  background,  was  very  popular  among  the  Dutch,  and  soon afterwards Dutch potters started to imitate it.

Admission Prices:
Individual visitors: € 12,50 p.p.
Children (with family) < 12 years free
Children 13-18 years € 6,25
Groups > 20 people € 9,50 p.p.
Guided tour max. 30 pers./guide € 35,00


Holland Pass, City pass The Hague/Delft and Rotterdam pass: free

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Please note: free entrance to factory shop and lunchroom.
Our visitors outside the European Union will receive a Tax-free cheque if they spend more than 50 euros in our showroom. It is also possible to have your items shipped to your home address.
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Note! It is prohibited to park you car at the busparking at the front of the building. This will be strictly checked.

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